FairCopy v0.6.13

FairCopy v0.6.13 is now available! When you next start up FairCopy, it will download automatically in the background. New features in this release include:

  • Facs Editor Index View #108

  • Add Images to Project from Local #184

  • better XML import results for a wider variety of XMLs #170

  • Inline elements such as pb can be added above or below text blocks

  • Copy and paste for license keys #186

  • Fix: Structural blocks can lose color #166

  • Fix: Make elements in a given column have the same width #174

  • Fix: Scrollbar on the browse resources #177

  • Fix: Structural element labels can be obscured #165

  • Render gutter lines for very large files (e.g. Hamlet) #176

  • Fix: Second time you close a project, closes the app #175

We are planning on opening the Early Access Program in the next couple of weeks, which will invite a couple hundred more scholars. If you know anyone who would like to participate, please ask them to sign up at: faircopyeditor.com.

I hope you find this new version useful and as always we welcome your feedback!